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Independence Day.

The British People have shown the courage to vote for leaving the European Union. We are proud of them, pleased with this result and with the implications for our country.

This is the first step towards taking back our Sovereignty and the ability of our elected representatives to make the laws that govern us.

We now have a once only opportunity to once more make Britain Great. An opportunity that must be grasped and not sqandered.

It is a shame that David Cameron feels he has to step down, he has been a very good Prime Minister. He showed the courage to honour his commitment and allow us all to have our say on E.U. membership.

His big mistake was that, after organising a binding referendum on Europe. he then vociferously tried to influence the outcome. Encouraging other ministers to do likewise, resulting in a bitter and divisive campaign.

In doing so he damaged his reputation and standing. Something he obviously realises, hence his decision to stand down.


He should instead have probably said something like "I personally am in favour of staying in a reformed European Union, but will honour the people's decision and implement it to the best of my ability".

In other words he shoud have taken a more neutral stance. He would then have been seen as the great statesman, who allowed the British people to choose their destiny.

We still believe he is a better man for the job, a better leader, than most of the likely candidates waiting in the wings.

So to everyone in Great Britain, let us all work together, to show the world what we can do. Restore our trading ties with Commonwealth countries and make out own decisions on foreign policy.

We were the 'Workshop of the World'. We can get back to that position with a strong, inclusive government and hard work.

To all those complaining about the result, it is the will of the people, accept it. The time to publicise and promote alternative views has passed.

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing. Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist. Atributed to Edmund Burke.

Published by Ron Lebar, Christian Movement for Great Britain. 92 Cross Road, Coventry. CV6 5GU. Edited 25-4-2016. Loaded: