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Independence Day.

In 2016 the British People showed the courage to vote for leaving the European Union. We were proud of them, pleased with the result and with the implications for our country.

This was to be the first step towards taking back our Sovereignty and the ability of our elected representatives to make the laws that govern us.

Since then we have had two years of acrimonious debate and squabbling. Constant attempts at compromise to appease the E.U. and its 'negotiators'.

It is obvious these people are not interested in helping us leave in a way that suits us. They just want us to give in to their threats of 'punishment' for leaving their undemocratic and unrepresentative club.


We have a oncee in a lifetime chance to make ourselves once again a world class trading nation. To restart what was lost when we joined the 'Common Market' all thos years ago.

To forge trading links with our former Commonwealth partners, With America, China and Japan. With all the world's growing economies.

The latest white paper released by the Government seems to leave us tied to the E.U. but unable to influence it. A vassal state as Mr. Rees-Mogg has said.

So to everyone, let us support those in Parliament who put their careers on the line. Resigning well paid cabinet posts to fight for what British voters decided two years ago.

A Britain ready to once more take her place in the world, as a major force and beneficial influence.

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing. Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist. Atributed to Edmund Burke.

Published by Ron Lebar, Patriotic Christian Movement. Edited 13-7-2018 Loaded: