Christian Movement for Great Britain. What we will campaign for in Government.
Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it." Ezra 10 Verse 4

We will campaign for a return to Christian values in Government and public office. Stopping attacks by Government on Christian beliefs, freedoms and ethics. Repealing all legislation that has sidelined Christianity and Christian people.

Family and Culture: We will campaign for the repeal of all legislation, enacted over many years, attacking or reducing the role of family life. The family and the institution of marriage will be returned to their rightful place at the heart of our society.

We will campaign for the repeal of laws and regulations that have attacked the position of Churches at the heart of our communities. To outlaw rules and regulations that attack the rights of individuals to show their faith. Including Council bye-laws, regulations etc. and similar corporate rules.

Education and Society: We will campaign to ensure that every individual has the best chance to achieve their full potential, within the framework of a just and fair legal system. That every effort is made to reduce crime and all the causes of crime. To ensure that every citizen, whatever their faith or social background, is treated fairly and equally.

To ensure that our educational standards are the highest possible, universally available and free at the point of delivery. That professional standards in all walks of life are improved and that institutional incompetence is eliminated.

Repealing all legislation that has attacked and eroded the Biblical Christian family values that formed the core of our society. Stop promoting single parent "families" at the expense of true working Families.

Tax and Benefits rules penalise couples, on average, by at least 45 per week, 164 per week in one study, relative to single parents. We will campaign to stop this iniquitous financial discrimination against true families.

Abortion. The killing of children is abhorrent to Christians, to all humans. Before birth or after is a matter of timing, not of 'life'. A "foetus" is not a 'thing' but a living child. Only when the mother will otherwise die, should 'termination' be even contemplated.

Defence and Security: We demand proper support for our Armed Services, working and fighting overseas to protect our British way of life. To ensure that they have sufficient manpower and first class equipment. Such as fully armoured vehicles, effective body armour etc., so their lives are not put in unnecessary danger.

'Friendly fire.' With improved communications, to protect our soldiers from attacks and killing by our allies.

Finance and Banking. We will fight to ensure banking and financial institutions operate ethically. Unjustifiable "bonuses" etc. should be subject to scrutiny and "clawed back" if money is owed to Taxpayers.
Health matters. Our National Health Service should be returned once more, to what it was originally set up to be. An excellent, up to date and fully democratic service. For all citizens, 'from the cradle to the grave'. Free for all, at the point of delivery, no "Prescription Charges", for all citizens of the U.K.
The Surveillance Society (Spying on us all).
We will campaign for the ending of all forms of surveillance on citizens. ID Card, have been cancelled, now the National Citizens' Database, Genetic Database for non-criminals & the insecure National Medical Database, should be closed and all data destroyed.

Plus no more satellite surveillance of peoples homes and camera tracking of motorists' journeys.

Clamping and towing away of vehicles is legalised banditry and should be outlawed. There should be a total ban on any organisation, Government, QUANGO, Council or private, levying ANY kind of "penalty", including pseudonyms for penalties, such as "fees" or "charges". These are matters for Courts alone in a democracy.

Sex "Education".
We utterly deplore "teaching" young children the mechanics of sex. This is a subject for parents and their judgement alone. Current Coalition guidelines include the teaching of homosexual principles and seem to suggest experimentation in this area.

We should all fight to protect our children's childhood from attacks, including from some advertisers.

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