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Christian Movement for Great Britain

Our ethos is the restoration of Great Britain, our culture and values. To make us once again a tolerant, law abiding, prosperous and influential nation.

A nation that others look up to and admire. A nation noted for the industry, ingenuity and compassion of our populace.

We are British Christian Democrats, a new start for British politics, inclusive of all, regardless of religion, upbringing or status. Moral correctness, not 'political correctness'.

A return to the Christian ethics that brought freedom, prosperity and democracy to Europe. Restoring the family values we once expected and enjoyed. Values that made Great Britain strong and respected.

A campaign to eliminate the public corruption that has so badly damaged our democratic heritage and ideals. To make Great Britain once again the land that two World wars were fought to save.

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Published by Ron Lebar, Christian Movement for Great Britain. Edited 18-8-13. Loaded:


William Sidhu.
In recent years there has been increasing disillusionment with the main political parties.

Great Britain has been losing its moral standing in the world community. This has happened through successive governments passing legislation, which has eroded and destroyed the Biblical Christian values upon which the foundation of Great Britain was built.

As a consequence we are now seeing MPs, from different parties, putting their own interest first instead of serving the public of Britain. Through the actions of many MPs, they have shown that the main parties are no longer fit to govern Great Britain.

The only way to turn around the fortunes of Britain is to commit this nation into the hands of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He will grant us knowledge and wisdom to govern Britain for His praise and Glory. God will choose, from His people, those who will best serve the interests of Britain.

We will enact Legislation to re-establish Christain family values, to strengthen family structure. This will be done with the compassion and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Emphasis will be on providing services which will promote family values, with mutual respect and support for all age groups, irrespective of gender and background.

The Christian Movement for Great Britain are primarily promoting Biblical Christian values, in all spheres of life, all decisions made in serving Britain will be according to Christian principles. Membership of the Christian Movement for Great Britain is open to all people, with the understanding that the party promotes Christian values in all decisions.

The party will work with all people locally, nationally and internationally who help promote Christian values. So that family structures are maintained and supported. Emphasis will be on providing the best possible education for all, so that each and everyone's full potential is realised.

Universal Health and Social Services will be provided in concord with Christian principles. We will fully support and equip our Armed Forces. So they can protect British values and interests wherever the need arises. As God has called us all to be stewards of his creation, we will support measures to protect and restore the Environment.