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Great Britain in the 21st century.

Great Britain has always been, since the name was coined, a Christian Democracy. Christian ethical values were the driving force behind the struggle to establish democracy. Equality, justice and freedom were always the goal.

Many good people suffered and died for the cause. A huge amount of damage, some irrepairable, was caused along the way. Much of Great Britain's heritage was destroyed during the religious, cultural and political struggles that gave us our current system.

There were many setbacks along the way, but this country survived them all. Including two world wars that changed the social landscape for ever. WW2 was hoped to be the catalyst for the ending of class division.

Then came the nineteen-sixties, the 'swinging sixties'. After the end of rationing a new hope for the future. Trade Unions, until then the vanguard of working peoples hopes, were starting to feel their power.

This power, initially used to improve working conditions, went to their heads. The strike 'weapon' was increasingly misused, frequently to the disadvantage of members and other workers. Strikes became known internationally as 'the British disease'.

By the end of the 'sixties companies were increasingly moving production overseas. To countries without rampant trade union power and with a skilled industrious work-force.


Selling cheaper imported goods at large 'mark-ups' resulted in far more profit than making the same goods at home. We were becoming what Napoleon called us, 'a nation of shopkeepers'.

A moderate Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath, tried to tackle the problem and reform the country. He brought Britain into the the Common Market, a major achievement.

Two miners strikes, the second resulting in the 'three day week', followed by two general election defeats, led to his downfall.

There were many battles along the way, increasing wage claims, followed by price rises to pay them. Followed by more wages claims because of higher prices.

A classic 'feedback loop', causing massive inflation. Permanently reducing the pound's buying power, exacerbated by badly thought out decimalisation.

In 1979 Britain elected our first lady Prime Minister. Margaret Thatcher set out to reform the labour market and the finance sector. Also introducing initiatives to curb trade union power.

Popular at first, her policies accelerated the demise of most of our industrial base. Leading to the 'service economy' we have now.

What is needed?
A government of honest people, to lead us away from the abyss into which we have been heading. Able to motivate the British people to show their true worth.

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing. Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.

Published by Ron Lebar, Christian Movement for Great Britain. 92 Cross Road, Coventry. CV6 5GU. Edited 8-3-2015. Loaded: