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After the end of World War two, Britain's society had not changed a great deal. Money was tighter than ever and rationing meant care was neededd to make ends meet.

Attitudes and behaviour were still much as before the war. There was still a community spirit amongst working people. All knew one another, at least in towns and all struggled financially.

A change was on the way however, as the 'sixties arrived, more money began to be available. Trade union activity had already started to improve working people's living standards.

Employment was high as Britain was rebuilding. Motor car and motorcycle production was increasing and more people were able to afford them, partly because of 'hire purchase'. Together with new household appliances and small luxuries.

An unforseen side effect was an increasing division in society. The immediate post-war years saw an increase in the birth-rate, the 'baby-boomer' years.

As these young people reached working age, fifteen years old for most, they were able to afford items the older generation had never had.

This irritated certain of the 'older generation', particularly those in authority. They saw young people with things they had never been able to afford, with a degree of independence they had never experienced.

The result.
The result was a tendency, for example among the police, to clamp down on young peole. Young motorcyclists would be stopped and prosecuted for the slightest infraction, genuine or otherwise.

This happened less with car drivers if they had passengers, they had witnesses. Magistrates were often party to this vendetta, they also belonged to that older generation.

So penalties, for minor breaches of rules, were often draconian. Why should these young people go around doing things we could never do, they should be taught a lesson?

The outcome was alienation of a complete generation of working people. When this generation became family heads they passed on the values learnt, by bitter experience, to their children.

Those values no longer automatically included respect for the police or for the forces of   'law and order'. The police were no longer just the enemies of the criminal class, but of many working people.

So the police force, essential to our society, could no longer count on the 'general public' to co-operate and provide information. Without co-operation, 'policing by consent' does not work well.

Our police continue trying to repair the damage, but this is slow work. A bad reputation is harder to lose than a good one. Newer regulations, increasing police powers, made matters worse.

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing. Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.

Published by Ron Lebar, Christian Movement for Great Britain. 92 Cross Road, Coventry. CV6 5GU. Edited 8-3-2015. Loaded: