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Great Britain. William Sidhu.

Great Britain has been known historically as a Christian country. This was quite true even 50 years ago when the churches were thriving and used to be full with a number of worship services.

There was much trust and mutual respect. However in the 1960s with the implementation of the Abortion Act, the seeds of family destruction had been sown.
Subsequently through greed and selfishness, there has been breakdown of family structure and community life. Successive Governments have placed the emphasis on the individual, rather than the role of the individual within family life and the community.

Nowadays young people are having difficulty owning a property of their own, because Governments have not been investing adequately in the infrastructure, which will aid family life.

The organisation Christian Movement for Great Britain has been developed to promote Christian values in society. Therefore it has been registered to fight elections at European, National and Local Council elections. Our aim is not to make Britain a theocratic state; but to provide values in society which will make the society stable, with mutual respect for everyone in Britain.

Therefore at the 2015, National and Local elections, Christian Movement for Great Britain (CMGB) will stand for the following values:-

1. Repealing legislation so the true definition of Marriage according to the word of God is maintained. Same sex relationships already have Civil Partnership agreement recognition.


2. Supporting and promoting measures to continue family life.

3. Measures to reduce abortions and eventually abortions only for cases where there is a grave risk to mother's life. Sanctity of life must be maintained.

4. Investing in Children, as they are the future of Britain. These measures will include reduction of Tuition fees and eventually eliminating Tuition fees.

5. Reducing and eliminating financial waste in the NHS, created by management structures and bureaucracy.

6. Workforce planning for Britain to control immigration.

7. An immediate Referendum to decide whether to stay in the European Union.

8. Improving the Defence for Britain. Equipping the Defence Forces adequately, so that Britain does not need to rely on any other nation.

9. Education with emphasis on British values. Allowing Children to mature gradually rather than placing them in circumstances beyond their age.

10. Legislation to control the financial markets.

11. Promoting loyalty to Britain by educating Children about British citizenship and respect for the British nation. This could include hoisting the British flag in all schools and institutions.

W. Sidhu 06.03.2015.

Published by Ron Lebar, Christian Movement for Great Britain. 92 Cross Road, Coventry. CV6 5GU. Edited 7-3-2015. Loaded: